The East Shore Conservancy District was approved by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and granted status as a conservation sewer district by the Marshall County Circuit Court June 15th of 2020.

The District is now able to serve up to 150 properties by removing the wastewater and transporting it through the main sewer line to the Town of Culver’s sewer system.  From the transfer point at the edge of Culver, the material is sent to the Town’s wastewater plant for treatment.

There are five different areas within the geographical boundaries of the District.Each area has an elected representative who serves on the Board of Directors for the East Shore Conservancy District.

Area Representatives

The Conservancy District is considered a municipality and is governed by Indiana State Statute.  It adheres to Indiana public meeting criteria including posting agendas 48 hours ahead of any meeting here on the website as well as at the place the meeting will be held.  District meetings can be attended in person or via zoom.  The zoom link will also be on the agenda.  

The Manager for ESCD is Kathy Clark.  If you have any questions, you may email her at or call 574-400-5450.  If you call, please remember to leave your name and number as the phone number doesn’t record the number calling in.The office is located at 460 Forest Place and the hours open to vendors and the public are 9 to noon Mondays and noon to 3 Fridays. You can call or email for an appointment between 9 and 4 Monday through Friday. 

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